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Our Process

We're not just planners. We are creative directors, accountants, designers, crisis managers, advisors, schedulers, negotiators, logistics managers, and above all- your #1 advocate.

There are a lot of steps that go into turning a dream into reality. Take a look at our process to see how we approach wedding planning. 


Planning the overall operation of the wedding process

Research and developmentWe spend as much time as necessary to get to know you and your fiancé- your likes, dislikes, personalities, vision, even your favorite movie. This helps us build a trusting relationship and the confidence to produce the wedding of your dreams.

Exclusive access to our personalized planning tools. You will receive a detailed planning calendar customized to your specific wedding planning timeline. We organize all the information you need to know so that you can see where we're going and how we're going to get there. Additionally, you'll have access to your own Aisle Planner portal. From checklists and timelines to guest lists and layouts, you'll have access to the most complete and powerful set of planning and design tools to organize, collaborate with your planning team, and see every detail along the way.

Budget Manager and Financial Advisor. We will breakdown your overall budget, specific to your wedding goals, into a detailed roadmap so that you can see what you can expect to spend in each category. This will be used as a tool throughout the planning process to give you information as to where you should fall when booking vendors and to keep us on track. 


Creating the aesthetic vision and complete experience of your wedding day

Personalized mood board and Design DeckOnce our research and development phase is complete, we do all the legwork to curate your Design Deck: a comprehensive document of all the aesthetic details of your wedding. This will be the governing document that all of your creative vendors will reference when creating their proposals for you. The Design Deck is so much more than inspiration! It will not only include your mood board, which is reflective of the overall look and feel of the day, but also all the critical pieces for you to be able to visualize what YOUR unique wedding day experience will be.

Collaborative Design Process.  Throughout the entire design process, we will ask for feedback and give you space to share any and all opinions. As we tweak and perfect your aesthetic vision, we will share that information with your potential creative vendors so that they can present you with proposals that are unique to you and your partner. 

Vendor Sourcing.  After you receive your Design Deck, we will assist you in finding vendors that meet your needs within your budget. Every couple is different, so we don't have contracts with any outside vendors. We do however have many connections and may suggest certain vendors that we've worked with before, so long as we know they are right for your event.


Where the vision starts coming to life in the best way possible.

Vendor Booking. Once we've narrowed down your creative team options, you will be given all the proposals of your potential vendors so that you can see where all your dollars and cents are going.  After we've had this financial meeting, and further refined what you like and dislike about the investment you are making, we will communicate any adjustments and get you the contracts from each of them. 

Contract ReviewWe know that legal jargon and price negotiations can be overwhelming, especially for those who aren't experienced with it. We take the pressure off of our clients by reviewing and negotiating contracts for them. 

Reserving Staff and Inventory. As we get closer to your wedding date, and have solidified all the elements, we will begin reserving staff and inventory. We make sure to do this in a timely manner to make sure no one is able to come and book out from underneath you and that we have enough staffing to execute a seamless event.


The time to sit back and relax. We've got this!

Production Schedule CurationIn developing the your event timeline, or production schedule, we will contact every member of your creative team and dial in on all of the details from load-in requirements to electrical needs . There are a lot of moving parts in producing a wedding and we want to make sure we have all the information and take needs of your vendors into consideration. We will collaborate with your photographer and videographer to ensure they have enough time to capture all the special moments.

Vendor Plan Pack. In every package we offer, we always include a Vendor Plan Pack. This extremely detailed packet of information is the blueprint for you entire wedding day. It contains everything from directions to exact layouts and floorplans to timelines to emergency contact information. This document is the most important piece of information that will be given to every member of your Creative Team. 

Wedding Day Execution. Your wedding day is all about you and we take great care in enabling you to sit back, relax and enjoy being the guests of honor. Not only will we be an active participant in the set up, we will be the point person for any and everyone who has questions or needs direction on the Big Day. This includes managing the day of timeline, setting out signage and other small details, directing vendors before, during and after, dealing with last minute hiccups and fielding questions so that no one bothers you.  

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