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What we do matters

The average wedding in the United States produces 400 lbs of garbage and 63 tons of CO2. With about 2.4 million weddings a year... that's A LOT of waste. That's why here at Aster + Birch, one of our missions is to leave this planet better than we found it. From slow flowers and eco-friendly stationery to using an online RSVP tool, we work with our couples to make conscious decisions to create an unforgettable event, with a small footprint- without compromising your vision or budget.

We take our commitment to the environment so seriously, that we are one of the first Certified Green Wedding Professionals (CGWP) in the state of North Carolina and work with many sustainable vendors in the southeast region. 

With a global industry worth $72M per year, every wedding that we do has a big impact. Every time you choose a local farm-to-table caterer or an ethically made dress, you tell the industry what you, as the consumer, value in a vendor. And with enough push, maybe we can change this GIANT industry that changes people's lives, into something that can also change the planet. ​


What is a Prefered Green Vendor (PGV)?

We strongly believe in 'community over competition. The wedding industry, at its core, is about bringing people together and making memories. And because of that, we have compiled a list of like-minded individuals and companies that we support and who share the same commitment to our planet as we do. 

Some of the many factors that we look for in our Prefered Green Vendors:

  • Ethical Sourcing

  • Farm-to-Table

  • Sustainable or Tree-Free Stationary

  • Waste Management Practices

  • Fair Wage and Working Conditions

Our Pledge

By educating ourselves and others, we pledge to be better environmental stewards in order to facilitate positive change in the wedding industry not only for ourselves but for our planet. We pledge to do this not at the expense of any other Creative Professional and to educate our clients and industry on the importance of quality over quantity.

We also commit to the following standards of a green business:

  • Use transparent and truthful marketing.

  • Advocate for green business practices in your industry.

  • Systems in place for reducing paper, plastic, and electricity consumption

  • Use of green or local caterers for events.

  • Foodservice focused on locally available foods.

  • Donation or composting of leftover food (as law permits) and donation of leftover flowers.​

    • We are proud to commit to donating as many leftover florals as possible to people living with sickness, terminal illness, poverty, and disability through our local charity organization The Flower Shuttle.

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Love is love. Period

We strongly believe that no one should be afraid to walk down the aisle holding the hand of the person they love. With Atlanta having the highest number of LGBTQ+ friendly businesses in the country, with more than 685 businesses and Charlotte being the 2nd most queer-friendly city in NC, we are confident we can design an amazing, culture-friendly celebration for you and your loved ones. 

Aster and Birch, LLC is a champion for DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). We take our values very seriously and work with like-minded creatives in the industry to create a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory environment for all clients regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, identity, or orientation.

We're in the business of love- whatever that looks like for you.

Our Pledge

At Aster and Birch Weddings, as a black-owned and women-owned business, we stand firm in our belief that Black Lives Matter, Trans-Lives Matter. and acknowledge deep systemic and generational inequity, as well as the direct and indirect role we have in supporting it. We believe that words have power and have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, hate, or injustice. 

We pledge the following

  • To honor our relationships with the humans we serve, the individuals, partners, and allies who support us.

  • To lead by example, acknowledging our biases, and being willing to confront others when they perpetuate prejudice.

  • To amplify the voices of the struggle and refrain from words that undermine rather than uplift.

  • To fight until there is no longer a need for radical change in how we show empathy and how we create opportunities for all races, genders, disabilities, and education levels.

  • To recruit and maintain a diverse workforce and Creative Team in order to amplify those who may be underrepresented in the wedding and events industry.

  • To speak out and defend our clients, partners, and community members from emotional or physical harm


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