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Lauren Wheeler
planner, designer, and wedding day magic maker...

As an event planner with nearly a decade of experience, I have dedicated my career to bringing elevated style and thoughtful intention to every celebration. As the founder and CEO of Aster and Birch Weddings, I am a wedding planner and event designer for the socially and eco-conscious couple. I am also a leading expert in the wedding industry on sustainable events as well as an endorser of the EIC’s Principles for Sustainability. 


My positivity, eye for design, attention to detail and love for the planet is what my clients and fellow vendors love about me. I strive to bring the art of creativity and personalization to every single event I design and take care to honor the individual styles of my clients. True luxury is not just about aesthetics, but how each and every experience is felt, lived, and enjoyed. 


Planning isn't just what I do, it's who I am. 

With my Type-A personality and background in stage theater, I have always had a passion for planning and productions. As I got older, that passion only grew as I planned dinner parties, non-profit fundraisers, corporate events, friends' weddings and even my own wedding. With nearly a decade of experience, I have gained invaluable knowledge of the wedding and event industry. This experience includes working a banquet captain in Tallahassee, FL, a corporate event planner for a Fortune 500 company, and a marketing director/ in-house wedding coordinator for a catering vendor. All of which has given me an understanding of every facet of event planning. 

I am also a home-grown Georgia Peach, born and bred, before moving to North Carolina, and have developed professional relationships with many of the top wedding vendors in the Southeast. I married my wonderful husband, Will, in 2019. Together we have a beautiful daughter, Aria, and two fur babies, Milo and Bailey. 


/a·str/ + /burch/

"Aster is a flower known to represent Love, Wisdom, Faith, and Patience and is renowned for its resilience in times of stress and drought. I find all these to be qualities of a happy and healthy marriage and a gift I wish on each and every one of my couples. 

Birch is a slender, fast-growing tree with thin, paper-like bark. Growing up, I had one in our backyard. The first year we moved into our new house, my family dug up and replanted that tree (twice!). Despite the multiple uproots, it grew from 5 ft to 50 ft within a few years. So to me, Birch represents growth, perseverance, new beginnings, and hope. 

And finally, "Aster + Birch Weddings" has the same initials as my daughter, Aria, who is the best thing to ever happen to me. "


let's work together


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